Herbs and Flowers for rabbits & guinea pigs


Fit for human consumption as Tea.

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Encourage Forging With Herbs
Rabbits are foragers. Wild rabbits spend their days searching for food… up to 80 percent of their day! This is why it’s so important to provide opportunities to forage with domestic rabbits. They benefit both emotionally and physically from getting curious about what they can find each day.

Peppermint – Herbs can be given to your rabbit dried or fresh. Dried herbs are perfect for sprinkling on top of your rabbit’s hay pile. But don’t forget about fresh herbs as well. A lot of herbs for rabbits you may have in your garden or grocery store.

Chamomile is a flower herb that is known to have calming properties. This can work to reduce stress but may reduce pain and inflammation as well. If your rabbit has digestive issues, chamomile can help reduce gas and discomfort. Because chamomile is a flower it needs to be given in smaller quantities like a treat.

Dandelion Greens
Yes, those pesky weeds are one of the most nutritious weeds for a rabbit! The high vitamin and mineral content of dandelion greens are fantastic for your rabbit’s immune system. And they help keep your rabbit’s digestive system in tip-top shape. They do contain oxalate acid so dandelion greens should be fed in moderation, but still a must on our list of herbs for rabbits!

Fit for human consumption as Tea.

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Herbs & Flowers

Peppermint 30g, Calendula 30g, Dandelion leaf 30g, Red Rose Flower 20g, Chamomile 20g, Pink rose buds 20g


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