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Liah And Teo’s Pet Supplies was established in 2018, named after our two beloved rabbits, who produced five offspring; Bunchy, Toothless, Popsie, Sachi and Goldie.
It is essential to maintain the diet of these rabbits, mainly consisting of hay and grass-based pellets in order to ensure they remain healthy. These products can be expensive as they are usually imported; during that time, a kilogram of hay cost up to 450 pesos. To combat the monthly costs, we began to sell rabbit food Online. The demand for small pet needs, purchased through online transactions, continued to grow. 
By 2020, the business was officially registered and began operating as both a wholesaler and retailer of pet essentials and food. In 2021, Liah & Teo’s Pet Supplies obtained their registration as Importers to guarantee their products are of the highest quality.
At our company, we firmly believe in being honest, of having good moral values, nurturing meaningful relationships, and completing tasks with a diligent work ethic. Therefore, we ensure that the highest quality product is delivered straight to your doorstep.


To provide only the best foods for your beloved pet at a reasonable price.


To create an intimate bond between customers and their pets by providing knowledge about animals and quality pet products

Our Products

When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your pet, selecting hay of the highest quality is essential. The color and smell of the hay can give you clues about its quality. Typically, hay of the highest quality is bright green and has a sweet, pleasant aroma. To ensure that your pet is receiving the best care possible, we are devoted to supplying only the highest quality and nutritionally sound hay.

Our Products

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Jolly, Smartheart, Anderson Hay

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