Desialis Luzatop Pure Alfalfa Pellet 25kg

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Alfalfa pellets are perfect for:

  • Rabbits & Guinea pigs younger than 7 months
  • Treats for adult rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas
  • An alternative source of forage that is high in fiber and protein and low in sugar. 
  • Can also be used as regular feed for Cows, Horse, Goats, and other Ruminants animals

You must transition your small pet to grass hay as soon as they are old enough, otherwise, they’ll end up facing major health issues such as obesity, digestion, and urinary tract issues, along with an increased risk of bladder stones.

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LUZATOP is a natural source of protein, rich in minerals, trace elements, ß carotene, and vitamin E. These essential nutrients have a beneficial effect on animal health and fertility.
A natural source of protein and fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, alfalfa has multiple nutritional benefits that are stabilized and preserved by the process of dehydration.
LUZATOP is a specific product, specially formulated with a protein level that can meet the needs of different animal sectors.
Dehydrated alfalfa in 6mm pellets
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 38 cm


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