Canowindra Alfalfa Chaff 25kg


Alfalfa Hay is perfect for:

  • Rabbits & Guinea pigsyounger than 6 months
  • Chinchillas younger than 1 year
  • Treats for adult rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas

It’s crucial that you transition your small pet to a grass hay as soon as they are old enough, otherwise they’ll end up facing major health issues such as obesity, digestion and urinary tract issues, along with an increase risk of bladder stones

Alfalfa hay is rich in nutrients and is THE GO TO for young growing animals and older animals who need a nutrition boost. It’s also helpful for folks that have allergies to timothy hay.
Alfalfa hay is fine for young bunnies but is not the correct choice for adult rabbits, especially if it is being used along with pellets (which are already high in alfalfa hay).
Feeding directions: fully 80% of your friend’s diet should be great hay. Small animals need a constant supply of fiber to keep them healthy, so never let them run out. To keep the hay smelling nice (which makes it yummier and more enticing to our little fuzzies), make sure they get a fresh supply at least once a day..

1. Has high protein content

While quite nutritious, we cannot ignore the fact that Lucerne is higher in proteins as opposed to grass hays such as meadow grass, timothy hay, orchard grass, and so on. The excess protein is vital for growth, skinny, lactating, or pregnant queens. However, to adult rabbits, too much unnecessary and will lead to obesity, produce more urea that will strain their kidney while eliminating it, among other problems.

2. High calcium content

How calcium absorption in bunnies occur, and the fact that they are efficient at calcium reabsorption in their kidney poses a risk of urinary bladder stones and calcium sludge. These pet’s calcium absorption is proportional to the amount available in their diet. Lucerne has 1.2-1.4% compared to timothy hay with 0.4%. Therefore, making its hay, a vital part of their food, will l lead to more calcium absorption.
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 18 × 30 cm


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